In America today there is one lawyer for every 200 adults.

1,143,358 lawyers. And our nation's often subsidized law schools are graduating 40,000 new lawyers each year as they have consistently over the last 20 years. We are being overrun by lawyers, who not being subject to the normal laws of supply and demand, simply create work for themselves at an increasing cost to each of us.

Legal reform to reduce the attractiveness of the legal profession, and legal reform to reduce its negative affect on our lives, is mandatory.

Legal reform groups established to achieve this purpose approach it in a number of ways. Some use litigation. Some use education. And some simply voice their outrage based on personal experiences and demand legal and judicial reform. By providing broad and specific information on this subject together with a measurement of the progress of efforts toward legal reform and by providing current writings on the subject of legal reform we hope here to assist in the process.

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